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Central Students Put the “I” in KIND

Posted on: February 28, 2020

Central PBIS Update

February was kindness month at Central and our PBIS Team promoted it in a couple of different ways.  Early in the month we ran a blitz centered around kindness and rewarded students who showed kindness (to themselves, to other students, and to staff members) with pink Tiger Bucks.

Students had the option to use their pink Tiger Bucks in a couple of different ways.  They could choose to spend them like any other Tiger Bucks at the Tiger Store, or they could use them as raffle tickets to enter into a number of drawings.

Our second way of promoting kindness month (and beyond) is through the set up of a KIND bulletin board located just outside the office.  The bulletin board has the word “kind” across it, but with the “I” missing.  It is captioned, “Central Students put the “I” in Kind.”  The plan is to take a picture with students in place of the “I” as a way for students to see that they are the “I” in kindness. Hopefully, this will help instill a sense of personal responsibility in our students when it comes to kindness.

Ask your students if they earned any pink kindness bucks and how they chose to use them!

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.  ~Aesop